Official Statements by the Principal of Persatuan Islam

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Upon observing the latest updates of conflict in Palestine which has just been recently made more complicated by President Trump’s unilateral claim that Jerusalem (Al Quds) is the capital of Israel, the principal of Persatuan Islam declares its official statements as follow:

1. The Principal of Persatuan Islam rebukes the unilateral statement made by Donald Trump deciding that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Trump’s move has unveiled his real personality as a loyal supporter of Israeli occupation in Palestine.

2. The Principal of Persatuan Islam supports Indonesian government’s decision to firmly rebuke that unilateral claim made by the President of United States of America since the stance is in line with the 1945 constitution of Indonesia which explicitly states in its preamble that any occupation in whatsoever form and anywhere must be terminated in all parts of the world for it is against the principles of humanity and justice. Israeli occupation in Palestine is undoubtedly a live quintessence of such occupation.

3. Trump’s decision is against UN’s resolutions and its human rights principles adopted as a standard globally. Based on that, the principal of Persatuan Islam appreciates refusals made by several countries which blast Trump’s move and condemn countries in favor of Trump’s careless measures.

4. The Principal of Persatuan Islam urges all Islamic organizations to make Trump’s move as a momentum to get their steps united and strengthened especially in making all necessary efforts to support the resistance movements of Palestinian people and rebuking steps that America and any party made to support the occupation perpetrated by sraeli Zionists in Palestine.

5. The Principal of Persatuan Islam urges Organization of Islamic Organization to as soon as possible conduct a summit to respond to the latest situation in Al Quds by defining and executing all necessary steps.

6. The Principal of Persatuan Islam urges UN to consistently and justly apply its own resolutions especially in defending the rights of Palestinian people.

Those are our conveyed official statements. May Allah protect muslimin all

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